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Antwerpen SAS Meetup - Weds 24th October

Oct 24, 2018

Thanks to 20 attendees to our 7th meetup and to SBI Consulting for having courtesy hosted the event in this wonderful House of Innovation in Antwerpen.


The agenda was briefly presented by Michel Lehon, as usual 😉.

Piet Olivier started his talk by a “quick” reminder on SAS Metadata repository objects, their hierarchy, associations, attributes, and so on. On his current project, he has to deal with the creation of 385+ folders in the metadata repository, all properties being described in an Excel sheet. Using the metadata functions within datastep statements, he succeeded in automating the process, making it happening a lot faster and moreover in a more reliable and less risky way compare to human intervention.

After a short break, Allan Bowe presented us the last updates and enhancements to the sasensei game and some very interesting tools:

  • User Navigator for SAS, an application for exploring SAS Users, Groups, and Roles
  • Metadata Navigator for SAS, a project for revealing information on SAS Metadata
  • Data Controller, enables users to self serve their data changes, and for data owners to retain control over those updates by reviewing and approving them.
  • Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS, a in-depth monitoring tool for the SAS BI platform.

Some of them are available as Open Source projects, others as trials.

The last talk by David Michiels focused on SAS Event Stream Processing in the banking sector. In Belgium at least, SAS ESP is mainly used in fraud detection. One may consider ESP a bit like real-time ETL, but it does more. It works on a publish and subscribe basis where an event is a data record with a schema (datatypes, description, …), an operational code (insert, update, …) and a flag (partial, normal). One have to keep in mind that data retention policies have to be put in place for state windows as deletion may cascade. ESP may natively run DataFlux, Python, DS2 and SAS Base code.

Photos & Material

Photos from the event are available on Meetup.


Our next meetup will be held on 5th of December in DigitYser in Brussels.

Cheers and see you next time!